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SBM is a soft service provider focused on developing empowered associates, standardized processes, management systems, and reporting tools that make your life easier.

Solutions where you need them most:

Cleaner, Safer Buildings

Cleaner, Safer

We track compliance and reward associates, incentivizing them to meet individual monthly performance metrics including quality, site ownership, safety, attendance, and more.

Connected, Informed Teams

Informed Teams

Frontline associates, managers, and customers receive permissions-based access to daily tasks and alerts so we're calibrated and working together for the success of your site at all times.

Knowledgeable Associates


We validate 100% training compliance through individual transcripts, which track completion of multi-media courses that include brief, engaging videos in each associate's preferred language.

Reporting on the Go

on the Go

As the eyes and ears of your facility, our teams take an ownership role in proactively identifying and reporting in and out of scope cleaning, safety, maintenance, and building issues from any mobile device.

Data Transparency


Our award-winning technology provides unprecedented real-time mobile visibility to spends, billing by program, associate hour tracking, invoices, audit performance, training compliance, and more.

Service Standardization


Our scalable processes and technology allow us to deliver planned, predictable, and repeatable results for any soft service or space type, anywhere in the world.

Our Experience


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Our Team


Skilled Associates

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Platform-Powered Service Delivery

For the past 15 years, our platform has been put to the test in the most complex customer environments in the world.

Our complete management system improves results, manages costs, and empowers every stakeholder with the information they need to be successful.

Empowering the Frontline

SBM employees have access to tools and features to perform their jobs safer and more effectively. With visibility to individual results, they understand how their roles directly impact site performance.

Measure, Manage, & Improve

We track and report the key metrics that matter most to your facility. You’ll have instant access to the data you need to make better informed business decisions.


We're always looking for exceptional people to grow with us.

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Your Goals Within Reach

As a valued customer, you'll have access to our award-winning programs and subject matter experts available to support your goals. Whether you're looking to improve your on-site safety culture, develop a customized portfolio sustainability plan, or achieve diversity milestones, our people can help. 

Award-winning Safety

Award-winning Safety

At SBM, safety is not only a core value, it’s a business process that defines success. Our proactive approach to safety has supported industry-best safety rates and has earned us a place among America’s Safest Companies according to EHS Today.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Our team of LEED® certified professionals support our customers in recycling more of their waste stream, identifying real cost savings, and becoming environmentally responsible through implementation of well-managed sustainability plans.


Minority-Owned & Diversely Managed

As a certified minority-owned business, attaining Corporate Plus Status with the NMSDC, 100% of your spends with SBM can be credited towards your supplier diversity goals. In addition, our executive management is comprised of a high percentage of women and minorities, reflecting our commitment to an environment that honors talent and diverse backgrounds, and promoting vendors who do the same.

Our Leadership

Charles Somers

Charles Somers

CEO / Partner

Don Tracy

Don Tracy

Executive VP / Partner

Ron Alvarado

Ron Alvarado

CAO / Partner

Nick McMackins

Nick McMackins

President / Partner

Valarie Barnett

Valarie Barnett

Chief Operations Officer / Partner

Nicole Ouimet

Nicole Ouimet

Chief Strategy Officer / Partner

Paul Emperador

Paul Emperador

Chief of Staff & EVP, Labor Relations

Brian Anderson

Brian Anderson

EVP, EHS & Risk

Janice Periolat

Janice Periolat

SVP, Human Resources

Mike Sander

Mike Sander

SVP, Procurement

Mariana Dusevic

Mariana Dusevic

VP, Talent Acquisition

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