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Dignity of Work

Developed By: HR, Vendor Management, Procurement
Last Reviewed: 03/27/2024

Scope of the Policy

This policy encompasses employees, contractors, vendors, and other partners engaged by SBM Management Services, LP, covering interactions and services rendered within the scope of our operations.

Policy Statement

SBM Management Services, LP is committed to fostering a workplace environment that upholds the dignity of every individual, regardless of protected status. This policy articulates our commitment to creating an inclusive, respectful, and fair workplace that is free from bullying and harassment.

Dignity at Work Principles

Our commitment to the dignity of work is founded on the following principles:

  • Respectful Communication and Interaction: Members of the SBM community are expected to engage in respectful, honest, and constructive communication.
  • Inclusivity and Equality: We are dedicated to creating an inclusive atmosphere where diversity is valued, and equality is practiced. Discrimination, in any form, is strictly prohibited.
  • Professional Conduct and Behavior: Individuals associated with SBM Management Services, LP are expected to conduct themselves professionally, ensuring their actions contribute to a respectful and dignified working environment.
  • Management Responsibilities: Management is tasked with addressing deviations from this policy, and ensuring safe mechanisms are in place for reporting grievances.
  • Employee Responsibilities: Employees are expected to embody the principles of this policy in their interactions. They should report instances of bullying or harassment without fear of retaliation.
  • Contractor and Vendor Responsibilities: Contractors and vendors shall align with the dignity of work standards set forth by SBM Management Services, LP, ensuring their conduct within our premises, our managed premises, or in interactions with other related parties upholds the principles of this policy.
  • Awareness and Training: Regular training and awareness sessions will be encouraged to ensure all staff, including management, employees, contractors, and vendors, understand the importance of dignity at work and are familiar with this policy.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: The effectiveness of this policy will be regularly reviewed and assessed, with adjustments made as necessary to cater to the evolving needs of our workforce and workplace environment.
Training and Awareness

All employees receive training on this policy as a part of their onboarding process.


This policy will be reviewed regularly and may be amended at any time. We will monitor its use and effectiveness and update it as necessary.


All employees by remaining employed through SBM are certifying that they strive to adhere to this policy.